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Nora's Empathy at Work Program Teaches ABA Professionals...

Tackle difficult situations with unique and effective strategies,

Build dynamic leaders and strengthen professional relationships with clients, coworkers and team members,

Support a healthy workplace culture that people want to be apart of!

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Nora Coyle

Get to know me...

A Behavior Analyst since 2009, I understand the relentless burnout and daily grind of owning and building a business. I opened my business with the intent to move away from the cold, restrictive, inflexible, authoritarian work experience.

I spent 1000s of hours over the last 5 years studying, implementing, troubleshooting, and learning how to handle the hard conversations, decrease client and staff turnover, and build a company where everyone is an equal member of the team.

I walk into work knowing I can handle any problem with care and empower my clients and my staff.

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Strategies in Nora's Program

You'll benefit from the 8 years of studying empathetic communication, and countless failures and successes, so you can apply them at work with ease.

  • NVC

    The universal feelings and needs vocabulary taught in Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication.

  • LET

    The incredible visual and behavioral structure of Thomas Gordon's Leadership Effectiveness Training.

  • Research

    A deep dive of the research in our field and the medical field to back up the incredible power of empathy!

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What is Empathy and Why Does it Matter?

Empathy starts with yourself, is given to someone else and then bounces back to caring for yourself. When all 3 elements are in play, empathy contributes to...

  • ...self care to protect yourself and your staff from burnout.

  • ...improved client outcomes by increasing participation in the treatment plan.

  • ...increased morale, collaboration, and resiliency in the workplace.

Empathy in Action Free Booklet!

Checklists for using empathy during supervision, parent meetings and in sessions, and supports that make

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  • Are these classes just for business owners and Behavior Analysts?

    No. Anyone can create real change in their workplace.

  • I'm already empathetic, why do I need to take a classes on it?

    That's really up to you. If you notice you are: (1) avoiding hard conversations, (2) unsure why conversations don't always go as planned, (3) just want to make the work day more bearable, you're in the right place.

  • How will I know when classes are available?

    Grab a free booklet and it will sign you up for a monthly newsletter! In that newsletter you will find actionable tips you can use, coupon codes for discounted classes, and dates when classes are available!

  • How long will the classes be?

    There will be CEUs between 1-3 hours long. Other classes will be between 30 minutes to 3 hours long. Eventually, I will launch a class that teaches empathetic communication in depth and that will be a series that will stretch across weeks.

  • How do I contact you?

    You can find me on Instagram @nora_empathy_at_work or email me [email protected]

  • What if I run into problems on your website or in the classes?

    Please reach out to me! I will help you! [email protected] or Instagram @nora_empathy_at_work

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